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Mobile crane specifications

Select type of cranes

With the mobile crane calculator you can select your needed mobile crane / crane size with a basic crane lift calculation.

With a click on the crane type / model you will get to a comprehensive specification sheet. This contains all important crane specifications of the chosen mobile crane, like booms, dimensions, drives, counterweights and many more. Most of the listed crane specifications have a download-link for free PDF load charts. Additionally you find load charts and owner lists of the listed mobile cranes.


Please note: All mobile crane specifications and crane load charts given comply with the information supplied by the manufacturers crane brochures and have been compiled to the best of our knowledge. Despite having checked all the information provided, we cannot give any guarantee for its accuracy. Consultation with your local mobile crane operator is mandatory prior to making any concrete crane lift plan.

Legend for mobile crane specifications and lists:

    Mobile crane lists:
  • PDF: Complete PDF load charts are available for download for this crane.
  • Crane load chart: Crane load chart with max. counterweight is stored for this crane.
  • Owner list: Owner list entries available for this crane.
    Crane specification sheets:
  • The total weight for telescopic cranes refer to the transport status, for crawler cranes it refers to the minimum working weight.
  • Dimensions referring to the size of the tyres are given for the standard tyres.
  • The given turning radii usually are given for normal driving not for possible all-wheel-steering.
  • "Main boom foot pin horizontal offset X" describes the length between center of slewing and the pivot point of the main boom. With a negative value the pivot point is in working direction behind the the center of the slewing ring.
  • "Main boom foot pin vertical offset Y" defines the height from the ground to the pivotal point of the main boom. This dimension variies according to the outrigger height.
    Crane load charts
  • According to improvements of the crane manufacturers variances in the load charts may occur within same mobile crane types.
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